The Best Basal Body Thermometer Wearable -Reviews & Comparison

If you're looking for the best basal body thermometer wearable on the market, you've come to the right place. After researching many different options, we compiled this list of the 10 best basal body thermometer wearable. We assessed features, build, functionality, usability, and many more aspects to find the best options.

Knowing what to look for, which types to choose, and a host of other factors go into choosing among the best basal body thermometer wearable. There’s good news, though: This guide will explain it all. If you're still here because you need a suitable option, we have a decent selection that should cater to every taste and budget, so read on to find which of the basal body thermometer wearable will be the best choice for you.

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You can trust us because we are not just another review site. We are a team of tech enthusiasts and experts who have spent months researching the best products on the market. We factor this into our overall star rating for each product and our final verdict on whether or not we recommend it.

Our rating metrics include the following:

  • Functionality
  • Build material
  • Durability
  • Compatibility
  • Ease of use
  • Quality
  • Price-to-value ratio
  • Reliability
  • Brand
  • Safety
  • Customer reviews

Best basal body thermometer wearable: Our 10 Choices

Comparison of 10 Best basal body thermometer wearable
Bestseller No. 1
Tempdrop Fertility and Ovulation Tracker –Wearable Basal Body Temperature (BBT) Monitoring Sensor and Fertility Charting App Includes Comfortable Armband (S/M – 8.5-15.5 inch)
  • EASY TO USE ✔️ Wear the Tempdrop sensor on your upper arm during sleep and then sync whenever it's convenient. With an inexpensive, replaceable battery, there is no daily charging. Available in 2 Sizes: The standard armband is 8.5 to 15.5 inches and the large armband is 12.5 to 18.5 inches. To find out your size requirement, measure around the widest section of your bicep.
  • SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY ✔️ Tempdrop is an innovative fertility tracker with a supportive community. Get support and advice from a knowledgeable team,Comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty and ongoing support.
  • COMPLETE DATA FREEDOM ✔️ Option to view and track your fertility signs in Tempdrop’s accompanying app (iOS and Google Play), or input your data into other fertility apps. Use the inbuilt charting features to track multiple fertility signs and identify your cycle phases.
  • ALL-IN-ONE OVULATION TRACKING ✔️ Tempdrop’s wearable sensor and accompanying charting app brings the full fertility charting solution to your smartphone. Whether you are looking to increase your chances of conceiving or want to track your health, Tempdrop is tailored to you.
  • SLEEP IN, NO PROBLEM ✔️ Basal body temperature (BBT) is a major fertility indicator that allows women to understand their cycle. The Tempdrop sensor continuously monitors while you sleep, eliminating the need to wake up at the same time each day to catch a BBT reading. No more alarm clocks and no more hassle – sleep in!
SaleBestseller No. 2
[email protected] Digital Basal Thermometer with Blue Backlight LCD Display, 1/100th Degree High Precision and Memory Recall, NOT Bluetooth Enabled, Upgraded EBT-100B(Blue)
  • ✅ Waterproof and Flexible Tip: Waterproof and Flexible thermometer tip for easy to use and clean.
  • ✅ Clinical High Accuracy (± 0.05 ℃ / ± 0.09 ℉ ): Measures Basal Body Temperature (BBT) to 1/100th of a degree precision (e.g. 97.41 F) in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Measurement takes about 90 seconds, longer time than regular oral thermometer as it reads more precision.
  • ✅ Soft Beeping Alarm: Signals the completion of test. No need to count timer. Fever beeping alarm warns user the fever condition.
  • ✅ Large Blue Screen with Backlit: Easy to read in the dark. Recall 30 temperature records in memory. NOTE: Ensure the thermometer probe is placed firmly underneath your tongue, and keep the mouth closed all the time during measuring. Breathe normally and do not speak, eat, drink or move during measuring. Hold the thermometer until you hear 2 short beeps which means your temperature is complete. It usually takes about 90 seconds to get your completed reading.
  • ✅ Monitor Your Ovulation Cycle with Premom: Use Premom App to track your BBT charting, Cover line and Ovulation test result for your natural family planning journey. Note: This thermometer is NOT bluetooth enabled and the basal temperature needs to be entered into Premom APP manually. NOTE: Take measurement immediately when you first awake in the morning before any activities because any activity may tend to increase your temperature which will cause inaccurate temperature measurement.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Digital Basal Thermometer, 1/100th Degree High Precision, Quick 60-Sec Reading, Memory Recall, Accurate BBT Thermometer for Natural Ovulation Tracking by iProven
  • Order today and you’re protected by a 100 days, no-questions-asked, full refund policy and world-class customer service.
  • Easily replace the battery in 4 steps — When the empty battery symbol is displayed, this is how you can replace it: open the cap; hold the battery case between your fingers and remove the battery with a needle; insert a new battery with the '-'sign facing up; put the cap back on.
  • Reading in 60 seconds, faster than any other BBT — The ovulation thermometer has a small tip that warms up quicker and therefore delivers an accurate reading of your real body temperature faster.
  • Clinically Accurate Basal Body Thermometer for Natural Family Planning — Use iProvens BBT to detect your ovulation pattern and pinpoint your fertile window. Special chip for accurate readings to 1/100th degree.
  • Manually enter your temperature in any ovulation app — The iProven Basal Body Thermometer does not synchronize with an app, but you can manually enter your data in any ovulation app. Or print the chart and track your cycle on paper!
Bestseller No. 4
Shecare Digital Basal Body Thermometer for Ovulation with Backlight LCD Display Backlit,Fertility BBT Thermometer High Precision Oral Thermometer ,Accurate 1/100th Degree Works with Shecare APP
  • 【Attentive quality service】we provide with one-year free warranty from the beginning of your purchase. I believe you will like our products, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
  • 【Clinical high precision (±0.05/0.09℉)】Accurately measure the BBT for calculating the ovulation cycle; Precise to 2 decimal places, the thermometer can also be used to measure fever. In order to ensure the accuracy of temperature measurement, you need to place the thermometer in the hot socket under the tongue to measure the temperature for about 90 seconds
  • 【Low power consumption & soft beep】 The battery can support up to one year if you take measurement once a day, and there will be a soft end beep when the temperature measurement is completed.The Product Is Non-Bluetooth And You Need To Manually Enter Data In The Shecare App , The Screen Displays ‘LO’, Means The Temperature Is Below 89.6 ℉ / 32 ℃ ,Not The Battery Low .
  • 【Manually input data&automatically draw body temperature chart 】Use Shecare App to record your basal body temperature (you need to manually input body temperature data into Shecare App) Shecare App will automatically draw BBT chart to accurately calculate your ovulation period .
  • 【 Backlight LCD Display & Waterproof flexible probe & ℉/℃ Switchable】 Soft temperature measurement probe makes temperature measurement more comfortable,; Waterproof probe is hygienic and easy to clean; Large LCD screen displays easy readings ,(In Shutdown Mode) You can freely switch between ℃ /℉ by long pressing the buttonon for 3 seconds .
Bestseller No. 5
[email protected] Smart Basal Thermometer, Large Screen and Backlit, Period Tracker with Premom (iOS & Android) - Auto BBT Sync, Charting, Coverline, Accurate Fertility Prediction EBT-300 Purple
  • ✅Smart & Automatically Chart: The Premom APP will chart your Automatically Chart (BBT) and generate the coverline automatically to pinpoint the BBT spike with precision.
  • ✅ Other Features and Service: Large screen with backlit for reading in the dark easily. Gentle confirmation beep when test is complete. **Experienced and professional customer service agents are available for any questions you may have and we offer a 1 Year Product Quality Guarantee.**
  • ✅Get Pregnant Easier than ever with Premom: Whether you are trying to conceive (TTC), avoid pregnancy naturally, or just want to know your body better, the [email protected]’s Premom with Smart Basal Thermometer does it all with ease.
  • ✅Intelligent: Premom predicts the fertility window accurately using an advanced algorithm that incorporates all your fertility signs including: BBT, ovulation test results, PdG test results and period information for the best prediction. You can track and view your cycle and fertility windows prediction at any time.
  • ✅Clinically High Measurement Accuracy: Clinically Accurate with high precision at ±0.09℉/±0.05℃. It only takes about 1.5 - 2 minutes to read result. Unlimited record stored on cloud with your account and 30 records recallable with device. You can choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius.
Bestseller No. 6
Masimo Radius T Wearable Thermometer, Tracks Fever 24x7, 3 Temperature Sensors, 8 Day Battery Life, Hospital-Grade Accuracy, Water-Resistant, Covid-19 Recovery, Bluetooth, Free Mobile App, Ages 5+
  • EASILY TRACKS A FEVER’S PROGRESS - Includes 3 continuous temperature sensors, each of which can be worn for up to 8 days & are fully disposable. The device automatically notifies your smartphone if the temperature is high and saves you from any mishap
  • HOSPITAL-GRADE ACCURACY AT HOME - Monitor fever at home 24x7. Wear this health accessory at the upper chest, below the left collarbone - it easily attaches to your body without any uneasy feeling & works round the clock for a minimum of 8 days (192 hours)
  • BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGY ENABLED - The thermometer seamlessly sends data to mobile devices via Bluetooth and communicates the temperature levels wirelessly by using Masimo Radius T mobile app, for both Android and iOS
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND WATER-RESISTANT (IP24) - No need to take it off even while showering. Radius T sensors are indicated for use on adults and children ages 5+ while delivering accurate readings. Perfect for monitoring daily temperature levels during Covid-19
  • WEARABLE THERMOMETER FOR HASSLE-FREE TRACKING - Allows you to take action right on time if the fever spikes, Masimo’s Radius T is a comfortable body sensor that lets you track temperature even while you are sleeping, and provides reliable results
Bestseller No. 7
[email protected] Basal Body Thermometer: Accurate BBT Thermometer for Ovulation - Bluetooth & USB Rechargeable & LED Display - 1/100th Degree High Precision and Memory Recall with Premom App - EBT089 Purple
  • 🌷Seamless & Smart: Basal body temperature (BBT) will be synced with Premom APP seamlessly by Bluetooth. No need to write down temperatures or even open your phone. The Premom APP will chart your BBT and generate the coverline automatically to pinpoint your BBT spike with precision. Switching the measurement unit between Fahrenheit and Celsius in Premom App is easy.
  • 🌷Accurate & Fast Measurement: The thermometer measures precisely up to two decimal places 0.09°F(0.05°C) to catch even the smallest BBT fluctuation. Measurement can be completed in as short as 90 seconds. Take immediately upon awakening in the morning or before any activity for the most exact reading. Easily recall 200 measured temperatures via memory on the device and unlimited temps in Premom App.
  • 🌷Easy to Use: There is no button or switch but simply an LED screen for you to read the measurement. Simply pull the lid up or down to switch it on or off. Designed like a lipstick so no one else will notice you are secretly trying for a baby or planning for a natural contraception. Note: Pair with Premom APP before first use.
  • 🌷Easy to Use: There is no button or switch but simply an LED screen for you to read the measurement. Simply pull the lid up or down to switch it on or off. Designed like a lipstick so no one else will notice you are secretly trying for a baby or planning for a natural contraception.
  • 🌷We are certain you will enjoy the quality and simplicity of our latest bbt thermometer for ovulation. Experienced customer service agents are available for any questions you may have.
Bestseller No. 8
Digital Basal Thermometer, Accurate Baby Thermometer for Fever, 1/100th Degree High-Precision Oral Thermometer for Pregnancy & Natural Family Plan
  • Full Customer Service - We provide 1-year service on quality-related problems. Technical service is available. For any issues, please contact our Customer Service Team directly or with Femometer APP at any time.
  • Safe & Multifunctional - Safe to use, and for all ages like adults, kids, toddlers or babies. This digital thermometer is made from high-quality material. Waterproof design is easy to clean. For disinfection, 75% ethanol can be used. Easy, convenient and eco-friendly.
  • Manually Entering & Automatically Chart - Use Femometer APP to record your BBT data (manually enter data into the app). The APP will automatically draw your BBT chart and pinpoint your ovulation. We respect your data privacy. All your data is safely stored in the cloud but is accessible via app.
  • Not the Fastest but Accurate - Passed clinically test and used the latest advanced sensor probe, this oral thermometer may take a little longer when tracking your actual basal body temperature. But it also means you can know exactly what's going on in your body.
  • Good Choice for Family Plan - This new-version thermometer, which has the high accuracy of 1/100th degree, can be used as an ideal thermometer for pregnancy, or as one more accurate and reliable basal thermometer to monitor, like fever. Anyway, for the natural family planning process, this highly sensitive oral thermometer is an excellent device.
Bestseller No. 9
VAVA Smart Baby Thermometer for Kids & Adults, Real-Time Continuous Monitoring Thermometer with Fever Alarm, 24H Battery Life, Wearable Armpit Fever Monitor
  • Less Worry, Better Sleep: The wireless thermometer smart fever alarm beeps immediately upon detecting a body temperature higher than 38°C / 100°F plus blinking LED indication at 39°C / 102°F, you’ll be alerted even while you’re sleeping
  • Portable & Easy to Use: Simply stick the soft silicone patch to the baby’s armpit and check body temperature readings via the storage box from your bedroom, no complicated Bluetooth or mobile app, nor interrupting baby’s beauty sleep
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Clinically tested, this baby thermometer for fever helps to monitor your baby’s temperature in real time and instantly alerts you when your little one’s temperature rises over a preset number, so you don’t have to stay up all night to take temperatures
  • Comfortable & Safe Patch: Adopting medical grade, non-woven adhesives, food grade silicone patch and low RF transmitting power, the temporal thermometer for kids and adults leaves no discomfort, nor any harm to the human body (Readings of the thermometer are for reference only and not to be considered medical advice)
  • 24 Hour Continuous Tracking: Round-the-clock monitoring with a 24hr battery life, with notifications for low battery, disconnection, and device falling off your baby; view temperatures clearly on the backlit large display for good, comfy nursery at night
Bestseller No. 10
iFertracker - Smart Fertility Tracker
  • Precise Data: Worn under the arm, the sensor collects 20,000 temperature data points as you sleep so we know we're not missing any important data.
  • Unable to sync one morning? Don't worry, iFertracker has flash memory for up to 10 nights worth of data.
  • Advanced Ovulation Prediction algorithms allow the iFertracker app to map out each phase of your cycle for you before they actually happen.
  • Accurate to within 0.05°C or 0.09°F
  • Color coding within the app allows you to easily look back on historic cycles and understand changes over time as well as easily check when important times are coming up, such as when your period is arriving.

Buying basal body thermometer wearable: Things to Consider

When looking for a new basal body thermometer wearable, knowing which one will suit you best can be difficult. But if you consider a few things before making your purchase, it's much easier to narrow down your choices and make an informed decision about what's right for you.

There are many things to consider before you buy a basal body thermometer wearable. You want to make sure that it's going to work for your needs, that it's affordable and that it's something you can use with ease.


Here are some things to keep in mind before buying a new product:

  1. What is the purpose? This may seem like an obvious question, but people often forget about it as they get caught up in the excitement of a new basal body thermometer wearable. If you're looking for an item that will best suit your needs, then don't buy a product that does nothing but entertain you.
  2. What are other people saying about it? It's always best to check out reviews online before making any purchases so that you know what other people think about basal body thermometer wearable and whether or not they would recommend them. This can help give you an idea if something is worth buying or not before you spend money on a product that won't work out for you at all!
  3. Is it something I'm going to use often? If there's any question about whether or not you'll use something often enough for it to be worth buying, then wait until later when you're sure how much time, effort, and money.

The following are some more things in detail you should consider before you buy:


The first thing to look at is the features of the basal body thermometer wearable. You should check out if it has all the features that you need. It is not worth the money if it doesn't have any needed features. So check out all these features before buying basal body thermometer wearable.

Features can be divided into two categories: core features and secondary features. Core features are the main characteristics of a product, whereas secondary features are additional or extra characteristics that make a product better than others.


Quality refers to how well-made the basal body thermometer wearable is and how long it will last before breaking down or malfunctioning. To determine this, check out online reviews by other users who have bought the same item as yours and see whether they're satisfied with their purchase or not. If there are many negative reviews about a basal body thermometer wearable or brand, then stay away from them because they're probably not worth buying at all!


Before buying it, you should always consider how much money you will spend on your new best basal body thermometer wearable. In addition to this, you should also consider what features the product has and whether they will be beneficial for both you and your pet or not. Sometimes, many basal body thermometer wearable may look similar, but they may vary greatly in terms of cost and quality, so choose wisely when buying something new!

The material used to build it

You should also be aware of what materials are used in the production of the basal body thermometer wearable, as this will help you to determine whether it’s durable or not. The material used to make the basal body thermometer wearable can tell you a lot about its quality and durability. This is particularly important if you’re planning on using the basal body thermometer wearable for a long period or if it will be used frequently. If you’re looking for something that lasts, then you need to consider the material it’s made from.


It is also a good idea to check out the brand of the basal body thermometer wearable before making a purchase. Different brands have different quality standards depending on their manufacturing process and overall quality control measures. Best to choose from, brands with good reputations for quality products and excellent customer service.

Warranty and return policy

When buying basal body thermometer wearable, ensure you know what kind of warranty or return policy the manufacturer or seller offers. A good warranty will give you peace of mind that if something goes wrong with your purchase, you can get it fixed or replaced without any fuss or hassle. Look for companies with solid customer service who will work with you if there are any problems with your purchase to resolve them as quickly as possible without making things difficult for you. Look for companies that offer a return policy so that if you are unsatisfied with the product, you can send it back and get your money back.


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