Talking Heads was founded with a single goal in mind: to provide you with honest and dependable product information. To give you a great online shopping experience, we only analyze, choose, and review high-quality, real products.

We are a small team with backgrounds and certifications in computer science, engineering, tools, cosmetics, automotive, and electrical products. All of our reviews are written from the perspective of an expert.

We are a US Based team that is expert in various niches. We do not buy content. So that all of our content is correct, we write it with the help of a team of hard-working, friendly people.

We are not a company that reviews products from all over the world.

We appreciate what we do, and helping people throughout the the USA makes it even better.

What can you expect from us?

Many of the products we evaluate are tested to guarantee they satisfy our high standards. It is all too typical to have a disappointing online shopping experience. We have firsthand knowledge of this. We want you to enjoy the convenience of home and online shopping while knowing that the things you pay for and rely on are high-quality and suitable.